What’s a brand?

Put simply, it’s how your organization is perceived by others. This includes what your investors, employees, customers and suppliers think about you.

So if someone out there thinks something about your company then you already have a brand! The key is to brand your organization on purpose so you take control of how you’re seen.

Your brand is influenced by how you conduct your organization and interact with others. Every interaction and touch-point with customers is a chance to influence their perception of your company. Your corporate identity (including logo and other communication vehicles) is the visual component of your brand – the look and feel. Ideally your corporate identity communicates a consistent message with every interaction.

A good brand

A good brand clearly reflects the vision of a company, as well as its products/services. In this way the brand re-enforces your company’s reason for being.

It builds a sense of pride for both those inside and outside the company (think of people wearing logos on their clothing, putting their favourite brand’s sticker on their car, even getting a logo tattooed!).


Some benefits of building a good brand include:

  • an improved sense of purpose;
  • a better understanding of what makes you different and better;
  • a clear vision of your company’s future;
  • the ability to retain and attract the best people;
  • increased relevance to stakeholders.

what makes you special

Getting started

I begin all corporate identity projects with a branding and visioning session to get a clear, well-articulated understanding of who you are (as a company), and where you want your brand/service offering to be positioned in the market place. This results in a clear vision to guide the design process. It can also help with the development of a tagline if appropriate. Download my branding worksheet to get a head start!

If you have a new company or are thinking of rebranding call or email me today for a free consultation.